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Golden Goodies, L.L.C.


I want to apologize for neglecting my website this year. We have not been experimenting as often with our food, so I have been slacking posting new recipes. 

Since I am still doing fewer trips to the store and experimenting less the posts on my blog will be less frequent. 

However, I will do at least one new recipe per month. I will do my best to keep it low-Carb.

Share my journey to transform my life. See how I went from being pre-diabetic to free from all diabetic factors in just 9 months - losing 60 pounds in the process. Now I live a healthy low-Carb lifestyle. My book shares tips & recipes to help you too. I want to guide people through the transition and live happy healthy lives. Of course there are many sweet recipes as well because that's what I love to do...Bake!

Everyone wants to love their food and not feel guilty about what they eat, right?


The trick is...balance.

If you want to have a treat, you can. Just be careful and watch the Carbs. Have a smaller piece or only 1 candy instead of the usual 5.

Get my book using the "shop" tab. Now on sale for $20 plus shipping & handling. 

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