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Grilled Cheese Croissants

Well, the Coronavirus has made it difficult for me to stay low-Carb and eat healthy as I want to limit my trips to the store. So, this week we made some delicious grilled cheese croissants.

Since making this one, I have perfected it so the tops don't get burnt. But, the color of the croissant didn't detract from the taste at all.


1 Large Croissant

2 slices Colby Jack cheese (or other variety)

BBQ Mustard - spread on the croissant

Pulled Chicken



1. Warm large 12" skillet on stove top over medium heat.

2. While pan is warming. Cut croissant, spread on some BBQ Mustard and add 1 slice of cheese on each side.

Warm pulled chicken in the microwave according to the directions on the box.

3. Spread butter in the pan to cover the bottom.

4. Put croissant with cheese in pan, bread side down. Turn heat down to medium low and cover skillet with a lid.

5. Cook until you can see the cheese melting. About 5 minutes.

6. Take off the skillet when cheese is melted, add chicken, put the top half on top of the chicken.

* For a breakfast sandwich option: Cook 2 eggs with minced onion, salt & pepper in a small skillet. Add the egg onto your sandwich.

For varieties: Try pesto on the croissant with swiss chees and gyro meat. Any variety of meat, sauce and cheese can vary your creation greatly.

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