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*Shrimp Skillet

Here is another new creation. I do like to play with my food. You can substitute any meat, noodles, sauce, etc. to make completely different dishes.


1 pkg Healthy Noodles

1 pkg European Style bacon, diced into small pieces

1 pkg (32 oz) Salad Shrimp

1 jar Bertolli Creamy Basil Alfredo sauce

1 Cup grated cheese (your choice, we just used a mixed shredded cheese)

Parsley (garnish)


Cook European bacon pieces, add shrimp (to cook shrimp in bacon grease) in a large (12 inch) skillet. Cook shrimp about 2 - 3 minutes until shrimp is pink (do not over cook). Drain excess liquid.

Meanwhile, boil noodles and strain. Warm up sauce in same pan you just drained the noodles from. Once sauce is warm, add it to a large bowl with the bacon and noodles. Mix until all is combined.

Heat the oven to Hi Broil.

Put the noodle/sauce mixture back in the skillet. Layer shrimp on the noodle mixture. Sprinkle cheese evenly over the skillet.

Put skillet in the oven for 2 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Once out of the oven, garnish with Parsley and enjoy.

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