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*Smoked Brisket

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Is there anything better than brisket that falls apart when you stick your fork in it? Now that we have a smoker, we have been trying to smoke everything. This is one of our favorites!

This recipe takes a long time, but it's worth it. You can prepare the injection, do the injection and the season rub the night before cooking.


Apple Pellets - for the smoker


2 Cups Beef Broth

2 Cups Water

*If you don't have beef broth, you can use water and beef bullion)

1 teaspoon Minced Garlic

2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce

2 Tablespoons Salt

1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar

Directions for Injection:

Put all ingredients in blender to grind up the garlic. This ensures the mixture will go through the injector holes.

Ingredients continued:

12 - 15 lb Brisket (feeds 6 - 10 people)

Prime Rib Rub

Beef Rub

Apple juice


1. Trim fat on brisket to 1/4" thick on fat cap. Trim all hard fat. If the fat is soft it's okay.

2. On a large baking sheet, inject in checker-board pattern 1" apart. Press plunger as pulling out of the meat. Be careful as the injection will spit out. I recommend covering it with your other hand.

3. Drain excess juice into a container to use the next day.

4. Sprinkle both rubs on all sides of brisket, massaging it in.

5. Put in fridge overnight.

Next Day

  1. Set smoker to 225*, lid closed about 15 minutes.

  2. Smoke 4 hours until internal temperature is 160*. Take brisket off smoker.

3. Turn heat up to 250*.

4. While smoker is heating, lay out butcher paper (2 layers {or aluminum foil}). Pour remaining injection sauce over brisket and fold butcher paper around the meat.

5. Cook additional 3 - 4 hours until internal temperature reaches 204*. At this stage you may run into a stall, where the internal temperature hovers and does not seem to move. You can just wait it out, or increase temperature 5* at a time to see if that works.

6. If not at 204* check back every 30 minutes.

7. Take off the grill and keep wrapped in butcher paper. Let it rest 30 - minutes to 1 hour before carving.

To carve: cut across the grain.

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