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*Steak & Lobster Tails

You can save so much money by doing this at home. A dinner like this at a restaurant would cost $40 - $50 per person. Sometimes you can find lobster tails at Sam's Club or Costco, like we did, for around $32 for two large tails. Look at this thing! It dwarfs the filet we had.

This meal took 30 minutes to make. It's not hard, I'll tell you how. Let's do this in order so you can have all your food come out hot and delicious at the same time.


Steak filet 6 - 8 oz.

Dry rub - any flavor you desire

Oil - just enough to coat your cast iron pan

Lobster Tails


All-season salt


Italian seasoned mozzarella

Garlic butter


Start with the steak. You can put the dry rub on the steak the day before and keep in a Ziploc for maximum flavor, or just put the rub on before cooking. Liberally coat both sides of your steak with dry rub.

1. Heat your oven to 450*. Put your cast iron skillet in the oven while it heats. You just need to put a little oil in the bottom - just enough to coat the pan. Too much oil will have it spitting at you.

2. Once the oven reaches 450* change it to Hi Broil and put your cast iron skillet on the top rack. The top rack should be in the second slot from the top to decrease the smoke.

3. For medium well done steaks, cook on Broil for 5 - 7 minutes on each side. Make sure to use hot pads (good ones) when pulling out the pan to flip over your steaks. It will be very hot!

4. While steak is cooking prepare your lobster. Use kitchen shears to cut down the lobster's back to the last section. Then, cut to each side on that last section. There will be softer spots between each section. This is where you will cut across, making a "T" down the lobster's back.

5. Squeeze the bottom part of the lobster (legs) together. You will hear cracking - that is good. This will allow you to expose the lobster meat and season with all-season salt. Put lobster tails in pasta basket ready to be cooked.

6. Toward the end of your cooking time on steaks, when you have about 1 - 2 minutes left, start boiling some water in a big pasta pot. The pot should have a small basket you can put in the top.

Pull out steaks and cover them with foil. Let them rest while you cook the lobster.

7. Once water is boiling in the pot, add the lobster basket and cover with a lid.

8. The size of the lobster will determine cooking time. These took approximately 10 minutes. If you have smaller tails start checking at about 5 - 7 minutes. Once the shell is red, the lobster is done. You do not want to over-cook lobster as it will become rubbery.

9. When you only have a minute left on the lobster, get your asparagus ready in the steamer, cover with pieces of cheese and cook in microwave for 1 minute.

10. When lobster has a nice red color take them out of the basket. Using hot pads/mitts squeeze the legs together again and pull the meat out of the shell. You can rest it on top of the shell for a nice look. You may want to sprinkle with a little more season salt.

Then, you are ready to plate. Put steak, lobster and asparagus on a plate. If you have some garlic butter, melt some in a small bowl or cup to dip your lobster in. If you need to make your own garlic butter, just melt some butter, add minced garlic (or garlic salt) and just a bit of parsley.

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