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*Steamed veggie breakfast

This is one of my favorite low-Carb meals! I find that if I have some kind of vegetable with breakfast that I have more energy throughout the day.


5 Spears Asparagus

Gyro meat

Deep Fried Turkey

2 Over Medium Eggs

Another new discovery that we just love - Gyro meat. We found this Gyro meat at Sam's Club, and it is so flavorful we like to use it with many of our dishes.


Steam 3 - 5 spears of asparagus. I use a steamer with just a bit of water in the bottom, only cook for 1 minute. Warm turkey & gyro meat. This can be done in the steamer with the asparagus. While that cooks, make your 2 over medium eggs. Making sure you press the spatula around the yolk to cook through the whites.

Once microwave beeps, put asparagus, and meats on a plate. Top with your over medium eggs and enjoy. If you're like me, I like guacamole with everything. I have guacamole with this dish. You can get individual guacamole serving cups at Sam's Club or Costco.

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