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*Thai Stir Fry

I'm back and playing with my food again. Now that we have found Healthy Noodle we have been making some fun low-Carb pasta items again.

This dish is easy to make and cooks fast too.


1 lb ground bison meat (you may use hamburger or sausage or substitutue what meat you want)



Green Beans

2 pkg Healthy Noodle



Bean Sprouts

1 Jar Thai Inspired BBQ & Basting Sauce

*You may use any meat and any combination of vegetables you wish.

Cut all vegetables into small, bit-sized pieces and set aside. In a large electric skillet brown bison meat, making it into small pieces while cooking.

While meat is browning, put 2 pkg of healthy noodle into a strainer and run hot water over them. Separate the noodles with clean hands as the water runs through.

Once meat is browned, add vegetables and sauce to the meat. Stir and cook all the ingredients until the sauce is coating all ingredients and everything is hot.

Put some noodles on a plate, top with meat/veggie mixture, and enjoy! :)

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