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*Tres Huervos

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

We went to Village Inn for breakfast last week and I ordered the Tres Huervos, which means Three Eggs. After having that, I decided we should make our own version. That night we cooked up some Carne Asada, mixed it with refried beans, pico de gallo and diced green chilies. Top your three eggs (cooked to your liking) with this mixture and serve with tortilla chips. For a low-Carb option, I use Multi-grain chips and cucumbers. It was amazing! See the recipe below. Here is a picture of our creation.


1 - 2 lb. Carne Asada (we get this as Sam's Club/Costco)

1 - 5 oz. can diced green chilies

1 - 12 oz. can refried beans

1 - 8 oz. container pico de gallo


Cook Carne Asada on grill and cut into bite size pieces

Mix the remaining ingredients in a large bowl and heat in microwave about 2 minutes.

Add Carne Asada to mixture and top your eggs.

This also makes a wonderful nacho dip.

Another variety we had that was delicious was using 1 container of Thai Coconut chicken, eggs & cucumbers.

Really the name is "Three Eggs" so you can combine anything you want to top it. We keep trying new things.

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